State of Business is recruiting


State of Business is recruiting strong and active members. We are a newer faction so we are placed Silver IV in faction leagues. Most recently just placed 5th in CRW (2nd in our region - Chilton)

Hit me up on line if you’re interested : heyitswiteboy


Bump. Still few more spots to fill.


Free handies subject to change, terms and conditions apply.


Are you a sister faction to Strictly Business? Just wondered because of the name.


Yes we are. Mix came from SB and State of Decay. (my old faction)


I don’t get the appeal. Any good players you stumble across will get promoted to SB.
SoB will be full on average players and top players who dropped out of SB because of Vacation.


Lots of good players here. 5th in CRW doesn’t seem like average but you are entitled to your opinion.


I think he means average compared to SB. You’re not going to get SB’s best players, but rather their sloppy seconds.


Exactly what i meant. Its more of a holding pen.


Never gonna be 1st though love from chiltion lol good luck


We may be the sister faction to SB, but doesn’t mean we aren’t a good faction ourselves. To place top 5 in CRW isn’t achievable with players on holiday or who aren’t good enough for SB. Most if not all players in Sob are capable of playing at SB level just prefer to play more casually. This post was made for us to recruit players who may be interested in joining our family of 60.

If anyone is seriously interested to join us, whether it’s alone or yourself & a couple of friends please message Jimmy or you can message me through line. (LINE ID - zackolack)


Their sloppy seconds are better than most factions top players though - just saying!


Being in SB isn’t what’s its all cracked up to be. The old SB was far better then what’s in chilton now. Claimed to be a family yet screwed over one of the founders that helped build it


Exactly why several of their best players have been leaving since last CRW


That‘s not true. The ones who left had different reasons than what you are saying. I‘m still friends with all the leaders there and they are awesome people.


End of story you guys are run down versions and will not be prompted to ab unless you spend a lot to have a really good defense and is really active


You know if things dont work out. I got you homie. :wink:


Lol, love you Harb


SOB is their own. Plenty of them raid my defense. I don’t see them as sloppy seconds.