Stashes should be set higher


0/200 is definately not enough. Should make it 1000


Stashes are a better way to obtain at least something, not getting scrammed with the pulls and the odds, also cost a lot to pull an entire stash… also most of the items on a stash are food or trainers

So for me should be less pulls or better rewards for ur pulls.


Stashes should never be more than 12600 coins total imo. That’s 1 big pull and 2 10 pulls off the wheel which also should always net you the featured character I think. Making it random makes it the equivalent of gambling and we all know the house always wins overall.


They should make it 1 million pulls so you can have a one in a million chance to pull the desired item just like in the premier wheel


" Amazing idea. I like the way you think. Give that man a kick in the nuts. ", says an employee from some other company definitely not one that makes this game.