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While you value your gear at far too much. I would be willing to buy the stashes if… You didn’t include 40 bags of food and a bunch of silver medals. The new Dwight stash should be at most 40 items in it at the price you charge and should include a GPS and canteen.

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Think this is for people that missed him or started playing after that event. He’s a good toon if I didn’t have him and I still spent money on the game heavily I’d consider the stash but only if it had a gps, canteen, and more t4 gear in it. Get those food bags out of everything scopely they are shit prizes and even worse purchases. Gear markers would be better, if these stashes replaced half the food bags with t4 gear+ a gps and canteen and the other half with say 3k-5k gear markers for each bag a lot more people would purchase these things. Learn the value of your own products before selling them, maybe hire someone that has played the game at a high level and spent money so they know what they are doing.


In my estimation,Scopely ought to stop putting food bags and other cheap gear in those stashes;in return they should give us much needed stuff (6* gear,high amounts of medals,etc.).
I mean that would be fair for everyone since no one wants to pay 350 coins for a food bag,right?



I’m just surprised they haven’t replaced the food bags with wood bags.

“I got 3 elegant incenses over here for $50 bucks.” :crazy_face:


Don’t give them any ideas. :joy:


This is the same team that values an Emery Board at 650 COINS.

When you can just make it yourself, lmfao.


silver medals are fine

Item part of shop has been out dated basically since I started playing back in Nov 2015

Sell tape and kits in there and other useful stuff