Stash vs Wheel *Poll*

  • I’m going for Rick
  • I’m going for Gear

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Last night I couldn’t fight the urge not to do 5 pulls on the wheel. However I was met with instant regret. School bag, 10x 3* trainers, flak, scope and waist toolkit. Feeling let down I decided to keep pulling from wheel because I probably won’t be able to complete Stash now I lost 5 pulls. Besides I don’t like Rick much and I have more worthy toons to ascend and the gear could help me but it seems like with pulls the better things have lower chances of being pulled.

this makes it my 9th pull

I can’t spend the money to pull for toons so I will always go for the toon even if I don’t need it now because what is the chance of getting a premier toon in the future from a wheel?

RNG is so bad in this game. Guaranteed the chances for any of the bags with 6 items have a combined pull chance of less than 1%. You know your gonna pull the crap as seen in your pic. Hope you get at least one or two decent things by the end. Good luck.


The wheel is sooo bad there might as well not be a wheel


Why in the world would I ever go for the wheel? I need Benedicts. I need legendary gear. I need legendary trainers. But I wouldn’t dare take a risk knowing that I have a higher chance pulling shit I can get as milestone rewards, in the gear depot, or on stages. I have 3 other people to ascend but that shouldn’t stop me from getting another. Especially one who I may never get again and one who doesn’t seem bad. High attack stats, attack bonus, and big AP bonus when attacking? That’s worth the effort to me. And like Iron said, the RNG is shit. The last three epics that I pulled weren’t ascendable. And if 6⭐s are the future, then Lilly, Sophia, and Green Kenny ain’t gonna cut it.


Well said but I do have a question for you. Which Lilly are we talking about? If its the 5-star blue one. Keep her. I use her on every single sr walker or walker/human stage. With her ar your squad will always have a crit bonus. Made sr a breeze for me.

Yeah, it’s blue Lilly. Is there was another version other than that and the 3⭐?

Can’t blame you at all

I think proportion is the problem with the event. Once again it’s too long. Instead of making it shorter with more quality prizes they’re dragging it out and it’s taking over the whole game play. This results in more common gear being thrown in so the sought after one’s aren’t easy to come by. 5 days per event would have already cut it down by ten days and would have cut roughly ten items from Stash and removed elite gear completely from wheel.