Stash tokens? (15 characters)


So to put this simply: No one gives a shit about stashes!
So here’s a way to improve them

From miscellaneous activities (wars, roadmaps, raids, and so on) you have a chance (based on event) to earn a special token called a “Stash Token”. These token can be accumulated until whenever convenient to open stashes. These tokens wouldn’t disappear after a stash ends and could be used for multi-stashes.

Do I see the flaws with this idea: yes.

What would the chance of a stash token be?
War battles: 1-5%
Raids: 20%
Roadmaps: guaranteed rewards for stages
Milestones: 1-5 tokens (depending on milestone)
Stages: .5-40% based on difficulty of stage

Obviously I can’t think of every flaw, feel free to leave POSITIVE feedback.


when free stuff like that are implemented - players don’t care how - they just appreciate the chance of getting something cool - and the fact that they can hoard tokens to pull on a stash they like is just wonderful imo

Yet another good idea that will be just that :wink:


anything FREE is good


Damn that was fast


enjoy while it lasts haha


What happened?


Love the idea, wish I could be positive about it tho


You mean don’t charge 200$ for stashes anymore? Do you know which company runs this game? Not gonna happen


They aren’t making 200$ over stashes since they cont come up with a stash that’s actually worth spending on.


I disagree.

They would not keep putting those up there if people did not buy them.

Coin sales went away and pop-up offers started.

You can bet from a company and sales position that if “coin sales” sold more than “offers” we would not get spammed with offers.

At first it was an occasional offer or stash, then it became overnight an onslaught of stashes and offers…i guarantee people were buying them and profits went WAY up.

Scopely does nothing without checking the bottom line and profitability.


I would disagree there are players who most likely take advantage of different stashs depending where they stand in game at the time. Lower factions who still battle teams with 2 or 3 5 stars and are moving forward at a slower pace might think the current stash is something that interests them opposed to a player at a higher stage. There have been a few stashes I did a 5 pull and got something I needed. Other times I’ve had no intrest in touching them. I think they saw people would do a few pulls in hopes of a benidict or a radio and now they only make those completion prizes. So they have made another thing only really usefull for a % of players. But not useless. There’s a lot of things about this game that need improving once I see prizes change I’ll believe change is possible


What players would spend the tokens on is ultimately up to them


Which was just a point that its not no one cares. I try and remember everyone is at different phases of this game and not every thing is focused just for high level players