Stash system for 5* tokens wheel


Scopes, you decided some weeks ago that you want to screw us even further by nerfing the wheel with some god awful toons (red glenn, red lee, vernon, and others) that weren’t decent enough in the Age of 5*. Nothing can be done about it now, but at least do a decent thing by adding a stash system to the wheel.

To all the “but, but you can use crappy toons as fodder” I only have one thing to say “I can’t wait to drop 150k-200k in war, or waste resources in LUs so I can pull a vernon to use as ascendance fodder for ascendables I don’t have” - said no one ever.



I second this motion. Since being able to pull the same character is still possible, at the contrary of what they said (The Wheel will know what character you have pulled before and will allow you to pull the next one instead of a duplicate), a Stash-like system for all wheels would be lovely. Good idea.



I saved from October all the 5* tokens I got. Today I made an “8 pull”, I got the following (didn’t even bother with a screenshot): red lee, red glenn, cooper, negan (my 4th one), earl (my 3rd one), farmer jesus (my 2nd one), alicia, oberson. This is straight-up bullshit.



I hope they have enough pixels for a stash system.

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Yes, landing red Lee is a pile of crap.

I think the less duplicates only stared from the time it was introduced so wouldn’t include the previous Lee, Negan or Randall etc toons you’d pulled.

We’re still getting dupes of course, but I think it has lessened.

Would like a stash type wheel though, good idea.

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Can’t really say it’s my idea, more like a community idea. I just decided to make a thread about it.

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Great idea. @mak05 you should be a forum leader bruh

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I’m good lol, I don’t have time nor care for such things.



@kalishane, any thoughts on this?