Stash Logic is Misleading

Hey all there has been some discussion on stashes I posted about Diego being actually a completion award. Well come to find out I completed the other stash that had the tokens as the reward and the top left 240 tokens were also most likely a 0% (I got them on the last pull of the second stash) which is super misleading because it stated clearly those tokens were at a certain percent as a whole, not the 240 had a separate odds…

Just an FYI if you want whatever is the top left prize in a stash expect to pay to complete it instead of them using completion bags this is the new low that has been brought in.




You don’t say…


He was not sold as a completion award in the stash what I am saying in the new stashes since the Survivor Token Stash the one where there is 240 tokens in it they have 0% drop rate. The one with the Token Stash is very misleading if that is the case because the tokens stated they had a drop rate yet I received it very last. I would be interested to see if anyone else completing that stash got the 240 before the very last pull.

In summary what I am saying is that you have to complete the stash completely to get that top left item in the newer stashes (diego & 240 tokens) the Diego one had to show that is the case because it was a separate item but the tokens did not.


at 0% he is a completion award falsely advertised is what I am saying.

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it’s a fact vk can get the stash toons for a price your screenshot is meaningless.

So if you have to complete something 100% in order to get it what do you call that. You have to get all 60 items in order to get that one last?

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This used to happen with earlier stashes indeed.
Diego stash seems different. They are definitely hiding something there. I know a couple of folks (>10) who got the whole stash and everybody confirmed, that Diego was the last item in the stash.

I know even more folks, who bought the initial one or two offers and none of them had Diego pulled in the beginning.

Something definitely is fishy.


This whole thread, in fact this forum is particularly fishy.


All I am saying is that that stash the 240 tokens were the last to pull and that seems odd if the likelihood is the same for the other 8 (20 token) stash items. Did not matter anyway I got 3 five star barkers and 2 shield magnas so it was super worth it…

Someone got Diego from the .99 offer. The percentage description is a visual bug explained by JB.

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Pics or it didn’t happen.



Trolling aside.
Scopes said it wasnt a glitch… But all the people who’ve pulled for him recieved him on their last pull… which means the opposite.
The 0% also kindof confirms that you cant get him through pulling (till done)

The biggest issue no one is talking about is how they explained they manually enter the odds… which after thinking of it… Completely throws their credibility in their air.

If you want the community to trust you, let the calculator do the math, so there’s no question of interference.


What about the picture above that shows a guy getting him on his 4th pull?

Side note, if it really is a rounding issue, the odds of pulling is likely .2%, which is similar odds to the Erika stash a while back. There isn’t a significant sample size to determine if people pulling him on the last pull is surely rigged, or just bad luck.


1/60 = 1.66% that’s pretty far from 0% and not a rounding error.

As for the pic, I dont know. After seeing a couple pics showing them on their last draw and an apology, it’s hard to consider hijinks not being involved. That’s extremely fishy when coupled with their posted odds.

Honestly with odds that shit you don’t really have to rig it at that point.

You think they weight each item equally?

This is Scopley

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oh, hells to the no…
and since they have no accountability to even post said odds accurately.
good luck with that.