Starting 2019 where 2018 left off: Screwing up again and again

2018 in this game was plagued by some monumental f*ck ups which come down to some basic quality control.

Looks like 2019 has begun in the same manner:

  • Free 1500 FA Tickets promised until 6th January have been missing since 31st Dec
  • Walker tokens reset with over 10 days left on the wheel, converting everyone’s tokens to negligible amounts of supply points.

Only two days in. Doesn’t bode well for the year…


FA has been fixed. I received mine this morning. Assuming lost tickets will be handed out as well.


just a slow start for 2019 expect a < name your gate > Gate in near future. :joy:


Wheel ended earlier, and started again.



still pretty dumb move


Ok, so wheel ended and restarted. Not exactly a huge difference at the end of the day…

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Thanks for the reports.

I have logged the issue with the missing free daily FA tickets for the last two days. I will push for those to be sent over players’ inboxes.

I’m now documenting the Walker Tokens reset to see what went on… seems like some kind of ‘Y2K’ bug…


@JB.Scopely I had walker tokens reset as well, thankfully not enough to pull anything. Was surprised to see the wheel there still!

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Y2K bug??? That is so 19 years ago. 19 years plus 2 days.

Odd sort of bug! Lol


i bet it will be because who ever coded it didnt take into account that the year would change from 2018 to 2019. I bet the code is looking for 01/01/2018… 02/01/2018 etc to reward the missing tokens

Still waiting for those 3k FA tickets and Y2K bug compensation. Thanks @JB.Scopely.


@jb.scopely , u forgot to tell us keep on surviving…

Seriously though, some ppl complain on here for no reason, but this is a legit complaint. You missed two days, which amongst our 30 is costing us the opportunity to start an fa today. The worst part is the problem was fixed, and the error wasn’t addressed. It’s not a situation like in the past where some have misread and confused what should have happened. U guys are quick to use the ba hammer when someone breaks ur rules but when u don’t do what u say there s nothing done… “I’ll take it to the team”. Be better JB… Be better…

@robertneville and @Shabutie have you not got your tickets for today? Mine have come in for today, so I’m only missing the ones from 1st January

To be fair to JB, he probably can do little else. I suspect the “team” won’t answer to him and it will be the decision of someone above JB who will decide if an issue/suggestion/feedback raised by JB from here is ever actioned. As frustrating as it is…

It’s 2 days for me (31 & 1st?) for me. Might be my time zone or something? Thanks @Kanaima.

Peoples frustration is on his role is an issue. Because he’s the only visible person representing Scopely he (erroneously) is the lighting rod for ALL issues. Give the guy some credit and focus the pressure on his bosses. The ones who allocate resources on game maintenance and development… which is the main sticking point on why the community is tuning out in droves.

The issue is the only language they speak is Return on Investment and user spend.


I understand He s not the man w the answers. Being in this position in my work in the past, if it was the users misstep or there is a questionable response, then yes, take it to the team and get it back when done. If it’s clearly a company caused issue, u have to be on them. I need a response now. Have you got the response for me yet? When will inhale the response? Etc. It’s funny how we couldn’t manage to get our free tokens, but during this time different promos came and left…

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Probably a timezone thing, I think most items refresh later in the day pacific coast time in the USA, so late on for most of the rest of the world.

As a UK player, my log in items are always waiting for me in the morning after the date I would expect to receive them (e.g. my last snowball came on Jan 1st)

If the full history of CM’s here has taught us anything, its that Scopely doesn’t provide them with any power nor do they provide them with much feedback. From a player’s perspective, the CM to “Team” relationship is clearly very much one way. But that’s a Scopely issue, not a JB issue.

Your response assumes that they couldn’t have pre-programmed the offers, promos etc to activate whilst everyone was on holiday.

Edit: Just read what @Trout said above whilst I was writing this.

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Why are you still going at JB? He’s already said the issue is being looked at. Smh

Again, no one is on jb. I appreciate him and this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned him. I understand that as cm he probably has limited access to the “team” and that it’s not his issue and wasnt caused by him. I’m sure he has a process that when there is a complaint, he probably submits a ticket through some portal that eventually gets looked at.All I’m saying is in this instance, if no quick response is yeilded, another request needs to be submitted, and again, and again.

And if that was the impression my post gave, about not being able to pre program promos, was taken that way, it’s actually the opposite. I was pointing out how they could, with the pair promos, so this, just overlooked doing it on the free promos. As trout said, what s the bottom line, and it it’s not profiting scopes, they don’t care.

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