Start times for raid tourneys


So the next tourney is due to start at Midnight European time. Why do you hate Europe so much? Surely you could move the start time forward an hour so that we can get some raids in before the small hours? I really hope that the tourney is going to be a multiple of 24 hours this time as well so that we are all on a level playing field.

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Fair point :+1:t3:



There’s going to be someone else around the world that will be inconvenienced if they start it for Europe time. The game is NA, it’s only logical if most of the events start based on NA time. In a 24 hour rotation, everyone sleeps regardless, so there’s always a downtime where the timing isn’t ideal for someone.



But recently events in Europe start usually around 23pm-03am. A bit wrong time for us and we lost time cuz we sleeping. Change it sometimes for 19pm or something like that. Not always night :confused:

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it is very true that it would always inconvenience somebody with the start time. which is why I think this part of op post was important " I really hope that the tourney is going to be a multiple of 24 hours this time as well so that we are all on a level playing field."

sadly this tournament is 1 day 17 hours long. that means that it will start at midnight and then end at 5pm. thus giving us 1 evening to play in. as not everybody can play during the day. if they just made tournaments multiples of 24 hours then everybody no mater where they are gets the same amount of chance to compete and still get some sleep at normal hours.

Maybe I notice it more when it inconveniences Europeans, but it does seem that we get screwed over more often that not with the start time/duration of tournaments.

Just noticed it is 1 day 19 hours not 17 as stated above. but the point still stands, would making it 2 days really have been that hard.



The argument that this is a North American game, and that therefore Scopely only needs to pay attention to North American timings, would hold some water if the installation of this game, and the ability to make in app purchases, was somehow restricted to only those people that live in North America.

But, of course, it isn’t. Scopely has made this app available to the world and they are more than happy to take our pounds sterling, or euros, just as they are the yankee dollar. Consequently my view is that Scopely should inconvenience the various world time zones on a rotational basis, OR MAKE EVERY EVENT LAST 24 HOURS OR A MULTIPLE THEREOF.

Thank you.

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What time is that central



Russia is in Asia too



I’m from the uk and it annoys me how late the start times are. Iv been playing for almost 2 years now and back in my first year the tourneys always started around 7pm-8pm. The only tourney that starter at a different time was war because something was always wrong and they were ‘fixing’ it.

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No one is saying that they should only pay attention to NA, but rather if many of the times happen to suit NA better, there’s logical reasoning as to why. I remember having tournaments start around midnight or past midnight for EST too in the past, it’s just a hit or miss when event starts or end at a favorable time. I personally don’t care so much about having exact intervals of 24 hours a single long as the event is longer than 24 hours itself.



Rubbish. I always suspected you of being a Scopely plant and that response only confirms it. In order for all solo tournaments to have a level playing field they must be held for 24 hours or multiples thereof or someone is getting less peak playing time. That is just basic, day 1 common sense. Are Scopely really such fuckwits that they cannot see that. Haven’t got the fucking brains they were born with.



Are you daft? Where did I say I prefer that events shouldn’t be longer than 24 hours? I pretty much said the same thing as you did.

And I’m smart enough to realize that even if you miss like a full 6/6 energy because the tournament started after your bedtime, it’s a mere 1 refill. Looking at how salty you’ve been to others, you clearly want things your way regardless of how much common sense you think you’re preaching.



The point is that it doesn’t have to be this way. I don’t see any ‘logic’ in Scopely being based on the US West Coast and therefore most event timings must adhere to Pacific time. I just see lack of imagination and consideration for their world wide player base.

And it’s not just a simple matter of being only one refill behind the Californians. For a while there were several weekend events in a row that started around midnight Friday UK time, and ran until 7am UK time Monday morning. Consequently Europeans had three sleep periods during the event whilst Americans roughly just had two.

Once in a while the event timings are not quite so hostile to Europeans, but they are rare events. But once again my main point is that it doesn’t have to be this way. I don’t expect anything to change though.



Timezone isn’t a thing u can complain in a game. I’m asian and i have problem either in event start time. But changing the time priority doesnt mean the problem will be solved that easily. I mean, if they will finally notice us Asians/European/etc and they finally change the event start time, more ppl will complain since the majority of this game players are from Americans or those with similar timezones. It’s like an endless cycle of complaint if it’s about timezone.

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Not really different places can have different start times like 3 different start times like asia, europe and US, problem solved



What you said was ‘I personally don’t care so much about having exact intervals of 24 hours a single long as the event is longer than 24 hours itself.’ In order for events to be on a level playing field they have to be 24, 48 or 72 hours long regardless of start or finish time or a large group of people find themselves having more or less peak playing time - usually in the evening - than another group. Europe and Africa will get one evening this event, the Americas will get two. Straight away there is an advantage to those with a larger proportion of playing time that would be cancelled if the event was 48 hours long rather than 43. This is less important in faction events as the greater numbers should have a levelling effect but for solo events the differences are significant. Contrary to your suggestion that I want everything my way what I want is for everything to be level for everyone, including you. I fail to see how this isn’t obvious to Scopely and why they have gone for a 43 hour long event.



The preponderance of US friendly start times in a game certainly is something that I can complain about. For one thing, if no-one makes a complaint then you can be certain that nothing will be done about it. I doubt that anything will be done anyway, but you have to try and raise awareness of the issue.

If all events ran for a period of 24 hours, or a multiple thereof, no-one would be disadvantaged based upon where in the world they live. I would have thought that this was an easy concept to grasp but maybe I’m wrong on that count?



Yea, I agreed with you on the part that events should be at least 24 hours, but then I don’t really care if it’s in intervals of 24 hours as long as the first requirement is met. So agreeing and disagreeing with you based on my own perspective makes me a Scopely plant? I didn’t realize that I have to agree with every single idiosyncratic argument on this forum or else I’m a Scopely plant.

The only reason I would advocate for a baseline of 24 hours(despite it already being consistent for like 95% of the events already), is because the first few day or so is a good time where people look at the competing scores to decide if the prizes are worth going for. At a certain point, whether the difference is 5 hours between 43 and 48 hours, or 12 hours between 60 and 72 hours, scores are pretty much plateauing. The only players that the time difference really concerns with are those trying to hit the last few milestones or the top placement ranks, which is also a very small minority compared to the general player base. And with regards to those who are aiming for the top placement ranks, they’re going to be using refills/resources that they’ve stored up rather than the free energy/resources, so the value of time drops comparatively once they start using their resources.

If you really wanted “everything to be level for everyone” you wouldn’t have called me a Scopely plant simply for having a differing perspective that wasn’t even disagreeing with you. All I said was that I didn’t care after 24 hours, which didn’t say, “No 24 hour intervals after 24 hours.” You need to learn how to take differing opinions better because not everyone is going to agree with you on everything, for personal reasons or just indifference.



I never said it had to be that way, just that if one were to infer why most of the times start suit PST better, it’s because the company is headquartered there. It’s like when Scopely gives a time on events, one usually infers they mean PST or CST. If it is a company based on Asia, I would infer based on their timezone unless specified otherwise. Inference doesn’t mean adherence.

Like I stated, it’s a hit and miss really. While the most recent tournaments may have started in a disadvantage for European players, not too long ago, we had many solo SRs start around noon EST, which would be a perfectly good time for European players, but a disadvantage for Asian players. I’ve had tournament starts at midnight/3AM EST for me, so it isn’t like there hasn’t been a rotation of start times. This just isn’t that big of an issue, IMO, that needs changing.

Quick last note, this issue pretty much reflects people’s argument over whether war should start on Thursdays or Fridays. (We had that argument long time ago.) For half of the world, our Thursday is actually their Friday, so our Sunday bleeds into their Monday too. You could say with all the wars, Asian players get screwed because war bleeds into their Monday mornings.