Start times, again!

I‘m aware I said this again and again, but looking at the start of survival road, it was obviously not often enough. The start times need to rotate because the way it is handled now screws players in Europe over and over.


Any start time will screw over a certain demographic. Deal with it.

Of course, but I‘m a mean old man. I want others to be screwed, too.


The point is the last few weeks SR has started at 1am or 2am, everyone sleeps, everyone is on their own timezone but that leaves europe and asia at a disadvantage.

Just swap it round from time to time, 4hr earlier, 4hr later, whatever


If it is run for 24 hours, or a multiple of, then it shouldn’t be an issue but that seems to be beyond Scopely. Moving the start times will eventually cause issues with overlaps eventually I think. 24 hours or 48 hours for events - not difficult really is it?


this could be a correct approach in order to “serve” the worldwide player’s base. Wait…
“haven’t You already switch Your life in order to fit into the game time? So , please be in touch with our support , they can tell You how to mess up Your life”

would be nice wouldnt it

Some people beleive you should do that, i may be addicted to this game but i do have a life!


heretic! :rofl:

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