Start Survival Road at Gold


Would it be possible for these 24-hour survival road events to give players the option to start at the Gold level at least instead of having to start at the absolute beginning? At the rate of refill it’s impossible to finish survival road without buying cans. I get that’s not everybody’s problem, but if I spend money, it’s not going to be on just refill packs.

If the gold level is available as a starting point it will still allow everybody that can compete for the top places to compete, but will still allow other players to complete to whatever level they are capable of. In addition, players that want the completion rewards can still do the lower stages if they wanted to.


Exactly, you gotta spend to finish this, marketing always win.

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I agree 100% Jeff

:roll_eyes: sorry, but it’s all I could think to do. Don’t forget that if we start at gold and some players tried that then a lot of their toons are going to be dead fast and then instead of buying refills they are going to be forced to buy drug kits or use up a lot of the ones they have saved. Also, the reason I quoted that piece is because why not just start from bronze, I thought you said there wouldn’t be enough time to finish SR tournament, so how will some players have time to go back and do bronze and silver.

It just seems like what you are suggesting would be putting players into the hardest parts of SR tournament right away, they would get the better completion rewards sooner without working up to them by completing bronze and silver, and they would get the higher amounts of survival points sooner without having to work their way up to it.

Have you ever completed elite or legendary?

I really don’t get why getting all the milestones is the new baseline necessity…

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I dont spend coin on cans to get top 100, I just dont sleep…

It depends on your region. In mine, you can easily hit top 50 if you don’t waste free energy.

I have finished legendary in 2 day events, yes.

People get more points to start with and possibly collectively, but they’re also losing the bonus for finishing with 3*. You’re right that some people might start beyond their ability, but for the sake of Scopeley’s bank account, this might also encourage spending for those that wish to recover their characters.

I kinda agree, but kinda don’t. I’m 50/50 on this. I have never completed elite or legendary. To me it is kinda sounding like asking for them to make it even easier on some of the top players.

lol at what you said. I didn’t sleep through this whole SR tournament either, I did miss the first few hours of it starting. I have too much time for this game. I lost sleep over it but I stay up late anyway and I worked my ass off too to rank 48 and to make sure I didn’t dip below 100-11. Not everyone can lose sleep over this game though and waste as much time as I did on it. I just now completed gold.

I would love the option to start at gold. Much better rewards for my time.

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Finishing in the top 100 and completing the milestones are two entirely different things… it’s impossible to finish the 23 hour SR without using cans.

People should read more carefully. Op was talking about completing SR.


Who cares about SR MILESTONES. Rank rewards are whats most valuable as well as the xp and drops from grinding the event. SR milestone rewards are by far the worst out of any event in the entire game.

So then what is the point of finishing SR if you get to start from gold? The feeling and relief of completing it? He wants to go straight to the higher rewards i.e. xp, material, food, survivors, milestones, SR points. You said it yourself that it is impossible to finish SR in 23 hour without using cans, and he doesn’t want to buy or use any cans. So I guess he just wants that feeling of completion? Either way he didn’t really elaborate on what he wants out of it in the end. It just sounds like he wants us all to have an advantage by starting further along than we should be and not everyone is going to be able to complete elite or legendary, some people struggle completing gold. It sounds more to me like thinking about the top players, maybe top players with 5 6* or more that will breeze through it easily.

I think SR should start where it does now, however there should be cans available in the depot for f2p players to have a chance at taking first in a sr event.

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That one SR that awarded Javier as the prize for completion was worth it. He’s awesome. I use him like crazy.


Milestones are always nice to get. Those Legendary and Silver ascendance tokens are definitely useful for players at any level. (Certainly better than gear milestones from LU IMO.)

The problem I have with OP’s thread and others is that somehow collecting all the milestones is now the new baseline of how an event should be. “Oh, I can’t get 2Mil in LU or 4.2k in raids, so those milestones should be changed.”

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you don’t want to upset the whales and they will find that laughable and insulting. They should be available for the whales too, not just the f2p. :wink: (I’m f2p btw)

Lol… 225 gold medals are way more valuable than the rewards for rank… keep your five star tokens, I’ll take the medals.


legendary medals, so nobody gets confused. but yeah, you are right.