Start a faction assualt

If you start a faction assualt before event end and finish it after event end do you still get sweater

Even if you do the museum collection will have ended, so you have sweaters but nowhere to use them.

And how do you want to know that? Got an official source to back that up?

What? When the museum collections ends you cant spend the sweaters. Where would you use them if theres no collection?

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You could start FA tomorrow and finish it before the museum collection is finished. The question is if in a case like this we’d still get sweaters.

And your answer indicates it does, but we don’t know if that’s the case.

There was no time given, when the event would end. The important questions are: what is the exact end time. And do we have to finish the last FA before that time or is it enough to start it before that time to still get sweaters.

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Here to find out that info still also.

This game gotta stop keeping us in the dark :rofl:

History is a great teacher. What have they done in the past. Ended early and screwed us out of rewards

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