Star Trek Fleet Command feedback

Hey Scopely,

I’m not sure if you are interested or not, but I’ve been playing Star Trek Fleet Command for a little while and thought I would provide some feedback. Anyone else who wants to make their comments, feel free.

At first glance, I liked the game. There was an appropriate number of missions early on to keep me occupied and building ships and the space station was fun. Now, I am hitting mid game. There are very few at level missions. As soon as pvp was unlocked, the game became largely space piracy rather than Star Trek. Here are my suggestions for improvements:

  1. Star Trek is a world with a lore of powerful factions with rule of law in their territory. While space piracy is appropriate for the neutral zone, there needs to be some greater level of security in faction space for players who are affiliated with that faction.

  2. There should be a formal faction affiliation system available where attacks against players affect reputation with the factions.

  3. Faction reputations and rewards should be based at least in part on acting like a member of that faction. Klingons have an honor code. The Federation has rules of engagement. I’m not sure what the equivalent rules for the Romulans should be, but acting in an un-Klingon manner should harm your reputation with the Klingons.

  4. Defeating affiliated players should have similar reputation consequences to defeating affiliated npc hostiles.

  5. Currently, there are lots of carrots and sticks towards playing as an unaffiliated space pirate. There should be balanced incentives to playing peacefully or for playing aggressively against rival factions in a lore friendly manner. I would like to see incentives to play as a specialized miner or a trader or a mechanic, rather than everything you do being for the purpose of supporting combat. I’d love to see diplomacy based missions where the dialogue selection, officers, and reputation of the player has a role, in addition to “go to place, farm, grind, kill unique npc.”

  6. This one is simple. There should be a way to sort missions by suggested level or power.

I hope someone at Scopely reads this. I like Star Trek and your game. I just think that there needs to be a little more attention to making it lore friendly and to making the galaxy as similar to the Star Trek setting as possible.

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  1. Wrong forum, mate

  2. Wrong company to suggest changes to

  3. No positive changes to revenue increase, no deal

  4. If anyone from Scopes says they’ll “take it to the team,” nothing will be done


I haven’t found any forum for star trek fleet command so off topic here seemed reasonable. I thought scopely made the game?

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Well, sure, but we don’t normally talk about other games on this forum. Maybe a Star Trek forum is in order? Game’s been around long enough for that, I’d think.


Since we are talking about other games, what about mInEcRaFt


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Let’s kill off this thread

Meme review :clap:


We barely get answers for our questions and suggestions about this game… don’t think you will get any answers here… sorry

Meme review, meme review random explosion

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They need to fix this game first. Wait in line :joy::joy::joy:


You would get more answers/help from a tree stump than scopely


Nice PFP change there, the raccoon will be missed.

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Haha. I am a fool who most foolishly believes f2p game companies care about players enjoying their games.

Sorry, mate. It may be free to play, but it’s pay to win. I was once like you… striving for change. Now, a few months later, not so much. All good things must come to an end!

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I believe this thread is very relevant seeing that Scopely invested big in a franchise that is currently going through big problems. The game is based on the Kelvin timeline which has mostly been cancelled already. I wouldn’t be surprised if the removal of league coins weren’t in some way a desperate attempt to raise more cash from this games proven profitability to try to keep the Star Trek one going. In other words, congrats RTS fans you’ll likely be supporting both games budgets now.

What’s new? Though the removal of league coins is a huge loss for f2p and anybody who could’ve been a potential spender. Your loss just as much as ours, Scopes.



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