Standard Scamly

Goes to show Scopely don’t give a crap about anyone who plays this game! All other mishaps that have happened in the game (4* toon and this recent trainer roadmap to name a few) you guys “haven’t been able to do anything”, but as soon as it might affect your pocket you’ve corrected? But you haven’t corrected anywhere near where you should have… nobody has the right stuff back they used and your “compensation” you couldn’t even give a pull in the half decent wheel?! We get a pull in that crap wheel where we get crap all!! You guys have sorted this in the worst way possible and I’m sure you can already see the amount of subscriptions you have drop off a cliff! So many people done with you guys and I’m one!


100% agree with what you have said garbage compensation for a serious mistake that affect more than half the player base we deserve proper compensation for our waiting around.

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