Stamina in territories

Has anyone noticed that the stamina of the teams in territories has not gone down over time? I have yet to see a hit for 450 or 600. I thought that happened if you controlled the territory for a long time.

Ours are currently at 450 stamina dmg

Hmmm good to see. Must take longer than I remembered. Haven’t had one of these in forever.

Ikr, stacking territories and holding em just doesn’t happen in the game anymore

Iirc after 12 hours you take 450 damage. After 24 you take 600. Only one that makes any difference really is the 24 hour mark.

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For some reason, I thought was 8 hour increments before, but it’s been so long since most anyone has even considered trying to hold a terry. I do know my faction switched from 450 to 600 about 10 hours ago, and we’ve had it from whatever time it was they started… I was sleeping. :sleeping::sleeping: So 12 hours seems right though.

You all just gotta get good and hold them longer…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You need to come back to a real faction. :joy:

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It goes all the way up to 900 per hit it’s always been like that but nobody takes and holds territories anymore so most dont realize it


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