Stalemate (ugh)

I have never been so tired of rinse and repeat
Please for the love of God add a decent collection or event and help us enjoy logging into the game… Every day is another day closer to closing time in rts


Okay, new Winter Editon Richard stash.

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I would like that he is a good toon and I don’t have him

Need a decent gear event again

If Richards heal reduction was 100% I’d use him on my Tara team as she has 100hr very nice for a poor man’s decap or even just to slow down all the heal/Xtra hp. However he does not and hits pretty hard to always a chance he takes out the enemy and then they immediately get revived healed ect

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Same for naya and dwight, if they were 100% hr like josh id be in love! Lol just got richard from 5* tokens also and he is a hard hitting red that i didnt have so im happy i got him

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