Stage 400 Sr club

All of you on the ultra ridiculously hard level 400 on survival road, I thought we could share strategies here. I just lost 5 6*s on the first level and this part of the game has become a chore these days.

I’ll start, power up those adrenaline rushes on the last member of the opposition for the next stage.

Leave a few zombies on the previous stage to power your adrenaline rush on the last human stage.

If anyone has advice to wipe out red teams out to take out red shield garret (garrat?) I will love you forever.

You waste way too much time on this game, IMO.

Craft reflect damage weapons and stick them on 1* characters to make the enemies kill themselves.

Use active skills on garrett


It isn’t wasting time if he enjoys it.


How is 400 that much harder than 399?

Tip for Garrett, wait until there is a day with no Garrett stage.


depends which Garrett stage . i think you are talking about reds and greens? if so, then I just use boobs lead. erika for heal, and then something like Dwight, Hershel and Siddiq. Round 1 I just attack garrett and clear stuns with boobs if need be. Then use siddiq to confuse garrett so you have 2 rounds of business ultimately, the goal is to hit garrett w hershel, and with that attack buff AR with Dwight.

Yes, they’ve killed me at times, but that’s what kits are for. I have plenty of kits available as you only need them for daily SR and not for tourney


This is actually genius. Thanks for this it’s worked a treat

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For walker/human teams, send in fodder to clear out the walker waves. They’ll die in the human wave, but that’s ok cause you’ll then send in your actual team. This way, you’re not trying to build a weird walker/human hybrid team that won’t work well.

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Why’s this guy on this games forum page telling someone they spend too much time on the game…we’re on the forum … We ALL spend too much time on this game


For all human stages, I use three common toons - Erika lead, Jermiah and Hershel.Other two would be basis trait advantage.
I just wait for every ones rush to be ready, then pop Jermiah and get that 70% def down, followed by Hershel for that 50% attack up and then polish off 2-3 enemies using the balance 2 characters. Erika with her bonus HP, helps keep every one alive.

The only level where this doesn’t work is that Tyrese one.

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Maybe it sounds odd, but I’d like to have blue Shane 6* as leader for some stages :slight_smile: currently using… 5* Eric (he dies like a fly, but not many other alternatives)

This is clever. I only need jeramiah now!

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Yeah good advice. Also send in a single 2* to scout out human teams then withdraw so you can plan the attack

For tyreese stages I use Carl lead with stun on attack, zeke with abs defence, Maggie, gator and josh. Rarely fails with these.

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