SSDF(f stands for forum) (Survival road exploit)



Once again the infamous Good Company on Shelby(ru) region

Friend who sent me this said this guy only few weeks in the game, dunno if it’s true.


1.63M at bronze stage? Impossible w/o cheating


Do I need to update this every SRT ? Okay :frowning:


Possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@kalishane, gatherer Morgan was a great toon to compete for(arguably), but no way I’m gonna use my refills and gold while this guy is out there claiming every prize


The total lack of action on this is just abhorrent. Brushing it under the carpet is worse


They are on it, it will be fixed in 6-9months. In the meantime please pull for brand new 6*s in our premiere wheel or try incredible offers for SR cans, cheers. Also this topic topic will closed in 3,2…


Yeah I actually spent 275 coins on SR refill bag for Javier, won’t happen again, at least while this is possible…


how is this possible :open_mouth:


he bought a lot of bags


@kalishane pls halp, you are my only hope, obi wan Shanenobi :((


Totally possible, he grinded really hard, went for dedicated level, had luck in war. Shane will explain it to you better, I’m not an expert on dedication.