SS Of Previous Faction Raid Rewards & How insulting current one is

So as we are all aware, the current faction raid rewards are poor and insulting to the customer base and shows that Scopely does not understand the value of events and resources.

There has been no excuse or reason to advise why the faction raid prizes have been reduced significantly or any justification given. Rewards should always be greater than the resources a customer is required to put in to encourage them to want to put the resources and time in. There needs to be an expectation that the investment customers puts in makes it worth while and especially in faction events where your team mates and so benefit from working together. This encourages revenue and retention of your customer.

Now previous faction raid tournaments provided the following rewards:

Historically we all know that faction event rewards are poor, however they did have sum substance, where customers could pull for a 5*/ascenable toon, the tokens where there was a chance of pulling a 6* toon etc. But to provide customers with this;

Is frankly a slap in the face.

Please don’t think that by adding a chance of crate drops that MAY result in getting yin pieces or cakes and blue case, is an excuse to lower the standard of rewards for events. We have been in events before where crates or items have dropped but the rank rewards have always been of some substance.

I see that the PC have brought up the issue, but have been unable to get an actual tangible response from Scopely so I am asking you to provide one as soon as possible cos we the customer deserve one.
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While the amounts do need to be boosted. In regards to S collectables I think it’s important to note that they should be paired with S collectables in milestones. So a gap and monopoly isn’t created between the Top 3 and everyone else, much akin to the old war days.


Definately, there is alot more to address but just the basic standards of these “rewards”, sweet jesus cherry pie, it’s disgusting


150 keys each… if you happen to get first… disgusting

Totally agree :+1:

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I think 650-850 of the collectibles for first and the current 250ish for 2-3 etc. For all faction events would be perfectly fine.

Add keys, cones and cakes to milestones from the very first one like beads are at a rate of (20, 50, 75, 100) for the first 4 milestones.

That way it’ll feel like less of a grind to actually get the damn collection toons as a first place faction player will end up with close to 1000 per event.


We had a sort time when top 1-7 place could get a 5 star .Think it was a green Morgan in those days.If we could go back to something like that people would be like Ooooooo a character.I wanna earn dat.

This “shard” system won’t work if it’s only one shard. What about cones? So annoying.


Remember the time when shield konrad was a war prize? I think for 3rd place too. Was a pita when a full fac got him. Now we get shyt.


That’s how I got my 2nd ever 5* in the game. I joined a fac, and they ended up doing amazing in some sort of event, and I, along with the rest of the faction, ended up getting Norma, and then Skylar in the following event.

Those were the good days, before new OP toons were released weekly, and were only available to p2p players, or as some call them, whales.

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I got both of those that weekend and they were probably my 4th and 5th 5* at that time

That was back when I like, just got the game.

I miss those days.

Yep I remember going to another region a new one starting over with friends.We also won Skylar and some others.This was very fun in a new faction/new region.

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Better remove the keys from rewards and raise the droprate for them
Then it benefit all that raid not the big players


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