SS-class aka 8-Stars by 2021 - thoughts?

It’s inevitable. Every 2 years, Scopely releases new meta tiers, which means new meta coming next year:

2015 - Scopely debuts RTS with 5-star meta

2017 - Scopely debuts 6-star meta

2019 - Scopely debuts 7-star meta (S-class)

2021 - …

Future SS-class aka 8-star:



SS class is a bad naming idea.


Well, RTS has turned into Dragon Ball. Ascending 6-stars to 7-stars aka S-class is like going Super Saiyan SS.



I draw the line at S-Class. The next iteration is where I’ll retire. Maxing out two 5s then ascending both of those to 6s by using 16 five star fodder is already tedious.


This will definitely happen cause they don’t know how to balance the game or how to prevent being backed into a corner from creating op toons that the whales splurge on. It’s all about getting that money from them. Nothing more.


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I only want SS class charecters so I can make WW2 references 24/7.

Hans ya gud

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T-class is up next my guess. T=terminator class

I like this hash tag
#retirewithnextreset all day

tenor (31)

I worked it out Shotgun🤷🏼‍♂️

if that happens i will stop playing.

Theyll be S+ toons, that have red stars vs purple stars and they have 2 leader skills and can equip off color weapons (blue using yellow etc). Oh and have 20k min stats in all areas. Now that’s a reset.

You know its coming as we are back in the same spot again through scopley missmanagment and greed making ever more OP toons to out do the last one

Scopes doesnt like raids and defences being over in 1 turn, every time it happens they reboot characters and go onto the next class. (please for the love of god though dont make it so that we have to trade in 2 S class to get the new tier, the gear/food supply format couldnt take it)

We are at the same spot again, S class are starting to be sold for $100 dollars again .

The reboot is nigh

Next there will fusion-class

F-class… Hahaha sounds about right.

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