SS-Class/7*’s are coming soon. (Prediction)

We’ve now entered the “$100 for the toon” stage.


uh ss class is not a good idea


When have scopely followed through with a bad idea after good ideas like these offers? Pretty often i’d say

uh, ss tends to make people think of the Schutzstaffel

All I did was add an extra S after S-Class really

im just saying i doubt scopely would name the 7 stars ss-class for that reason alone


No they would call it;" get a second mortgage class"


7* fighters (gonna need two S class + 15k shards to claim the 7* version)
6* legendary weapons with new slots for two epic skills at same time
Holy heaven paragon mods with 3k atk/def/HP points and 90% resist against negative status

Can’t wait for the future of RTS :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Damn, they reaching if they think people are gomna pay real money for Eugene

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$100 dollars for a useless toon. You spend a ton of materials for a 6* which generally won’t cut it so… no?

I wish they would just use what they have to make it interesting. Team caps, 5 and 6 star events, etc. Guess I’ll keep dreaming


So funny lol

Those S class toons are one of the worst ones

I wouldn’t say that . Clearly they’re coming but I think scopley can run S classes promo for at least an extra 6 months.
I see many ideas for shinny toons.

Guardian 2 , commands , leader skills ( like focus , trauma , exhausted …) , Dual specialist …

There still plenty of toons before As classes .
However I think the second generation of A classes are next in schedule maybe in a month or two .

For me the reason of selling generation 1 S classes is that generation 2 are coming soon.
Maybe they will have like 3 to 4k extra total points (att,def,HP)

The S class era has not come to the no return point yet

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You think Shiva and clem are bad ?
Lol .did something happen to your brain

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I’ve heard from a few that clem isnt that good even tho I’m close to her sclass

I run a very successful clem lead team that’s great in facing Jackie and aaron defences

I think that the player base is numerically too weak at the moment to resist such a revolution.

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Now fire tolkens stash too?? Ok is this a closing down sale or what… Is… Going… On