Sry to dissapoint u

Romanov is not a legacy as u thought

He is, trash af, but it’s another way to get him


Legacy means an old 5* that is made ascendable. He is a Legacy Ascendable, if you have him already you can just ascend him.


it is good now stop complaining please

Here is the thing…OLD 5* need to be brought up to the new meta or around it and be treated equal to new 5*s and ascendables. It is bullshit that they take old ones and make them POS like Romanov (awful design and serves no purpose in this meta, especially to F2P). It is an absolute waste and a slap in the face to the customers/user-base.

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Another ultrahard collection for a average toon that almost people already have and don’t even counter the current meta. It’s insane how Scopely difficult the players life


One of the worst toons ever… can’t see a way to make him even vaguely usable on any team at all

that has been said about tons of characters then it turns out later it was a wrong statement


I dont think you understand what legacy means

You’re right. Time will tell but I’m not holding my breath.

Ok mr. private account :clown_face:
You should really try harder at trolling.

its not troll it is fact

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Yes friend! Praise the almighty scopely!

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i am not praise scopely i say it was wrong about characters being bad and instead wait so you are troll for insulting me without reason

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got him to t3 and he’s ok against anyone still running a carl lead. still could of been way better if they made his rush hit harder and kept the burn

And if u don’t have him u pay money, pray to rng gods or u don’t give a shit because he is not in this meta only useful to f2p who are already are ready to give up quit.

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