SR zombies again

Really Scopely remove this 100% crit resist from all zombies in sr ! 50% max
Even look at their design you fools.
Crit = headshot.
Zombie is bald or other with not even :man_facepalming:t2:

Yesterday I couldnt finish even stage 1 because too strong dr stevens, raven etc
Today this :poop:
Every day something wrong with sr. If Im able to do this, it takes all day (no time to seat 1h in sr)

@GR.Scopely please be our CM and try to talk with people who make sr…

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Remind me what makes scopely more money, you successfully winning a stage without losing a character or not?

Walk back all game upgrades from that perspective

Except, how many are not even playing it at all now?


Looks like only 1 taunt resist walker on that wave, I’d run some trainers with critical weapons until it’s just that taunt walker and then use some second tier 6*s to whittle him down. And depending what team requirements there are maybe reflect damage weapons.

I don’t play SR anymore. I know some in my faction has stop playing also


I’ve been thinking too, crit resist is either set at 100 or 0 on every walker in the game now. But is it just me, or does it seem there are many levels of crit resist throughout the game, and there always has been. Higher Walker levels have always been more difficult to make critical hits, yet every walker says 0%. Except for the 100% ones in SR of course.

So shouldn’t it be just as easy to headshot one on SR level 400 as it is on level 100? Or just as easy on world stage 25.6 as it is on 12.1? But it has never seemed that way to me…

I cleared stage before with weaker toons. And this is end of wave so only 1 taunt left of 3.
Plus this is only red/blue map. So no reflect damage weapons.
This is daily sr it shouldnt be so hard.
All because they made some stupid gear for magna and lee.
ONLY level 390 and its way too hard.
Bring back normal sr with lower sr markers and mybe daily nightmare mode with more if someone like.

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I don’t play it now either. Only tried today for the weekly mission. Got destroyed on stage 2 tho. Didn’t see the point of continuing to try after that. Maybe tomorrow.

I wasn’t playing it before, but I am playing it now, so some people may have moved in the other direction as well.

(TBF, the reason I didn’t play is that I’ve been at 400 for a long time, and when I reached that level playing the whole thing took about as long as it takes now, and that wasn’t worth it. Now there’s another 100 levels to complete and some new stuff to buy, so I’m doing it again)

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@GR.Scopely. And thanks for making “win 20 SR stages” a weekly mission now that winning virtually any SR stage is nigh on impossible for many of us.


If they could let the players toggle whether they want the “easier” daily SR for less rewards or the “harder” SR for increased rewards then I think people would be more happy. Though it would greatly increase how long it takes for someone taking the “easier” road to max out those 6*s. Though you probably get more markers for finishing the “easier” one than you do for giving up on the “hard” one after 4 stages.


It’s tripe! I like a challenge but spending an hour faffing around with sr each day is a non starter. Make stages 9/10 super difficult but not most of them.

I can’t wait for this sr tournament today what fun this will be!!

There’s pushing to spend and then there’s pushing to not do it. Only 5 people did the old daily SR, not even that now lol

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They only did this change to justify their recent changes in the depot.
Just think of the horror if they actually did something that only benefitted the players :flushed:


5 out of the million?
that’s like the same odds of landing the secretary


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I had stopped doing it before as well. Didn’t make it to stage 400 though. It became too much of a chore to me before that point. Used to love SR before it did though. And i was excited for this update tbh. I still think the ideas they used were fairly good ones, they just took it waaaaaay too far. Walkers should never be completely immune to headshots, 60% should be the highest I think. And they definitely needed to include 6* teams.

But the buffs to both humans and walkers is just insane. The 6* shouldn’t have needed more than a slight buff, if any at all. Just well thought out teams with excellent weapons would have been enough. They were just too greedy and lazy and filled each stage with multiples of heavily buffed, highly OP toons.

I can appreciate that you and a very few others like the new SR. But for most it’s either way too hard, or way to time consuming. Or both. If they had been more reasonable with it though, i think they could have made almost everyone happy. As it stands, the only people who can get Magna and Lee now, are the ones who have no use for them. Those who really do need them, will likely never get to use them, since even f2p will have full s-class teams long before then.


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely New SR is WAY too hard. Intimidating walkers need to be removed from SR. It is tedious and costly to change all your mods to taunt resist (and then back again afterwards). If not removed they should be susceptible to headshots and/or taunt for only 1 turn and/or not be built like tanks that shrug off 10+ basic hits from an S-Class Priya.

An increased challenge was needed but you turned it up from a 2 to an 11, mostly due to intimidating walkers and that other one that is 100% crit shot resistant.

Not fun.

Today’s SR stage 8 started with 3 intimidating walkers on the 1st screen. 3. Not in the shadow region but active from the start. 3 out of 5 of my team taunted on the 1st turn and then all of them for the rest of the match. Yup, starting turn 2 I lost control of my entire team. This is absolutely ridiculous.

This is typically the one that stops me as well-all blue or all yellow zombie levels. The walkers come in with too many taunt walkers along with high crit resist and huge HP. They are able to get in close then take down everyone in a couple rounds.

It’s very frustrating. It’s also obvious that Scope is trying to get people to start burning revive kits to increase cash intake.