SR Weapon Bug? Default wep switch

Noticed the strangest thing when I auto filled a team for SR. It looks like the toon default weapons got switched around:


Yes!! This has happened to me as well between Maggie and Shiva. And when they aren’t in a group together, they have their weapons back but in its basic and new form. I reported the bug and went through all the trouble shooting steps but it’s never been fixed and I haven’t heard back. Glad I’m not the only one with this issue!

I’ve had this happening for months and not just in survival road, just a visual glitch tho, I’ve never had any problems caused by it.

It causes issues in my SR line up bc the Shiva is ranged and Maggie is melee and can be blocked items in the way. Plus, the stats are less on Maggie’s weapon so Shiva’s abilities are less.

Holy scrap I wish this was actually true. I want to see Negan with Shiva’s clawed paws to slice everyone he finds and Shiva with Negan’s Lucille to beat down humans to mush!


Well Shiva is melee too and can be blocked but I get your point.

Wow! After months of this, I just installed the new update and it’s fixed! Wow!

It’s just a visual glitch, they don’t actially use the other weapon