Sr tourney late!

12pm monday


Probably on purpose because we need the tournament to help us level up. Typical Scopely :roll_eyes:

I have never know them to start before the League period begins

that prolly explains it should have been 1pm not 12pm

Ah yeah, good point. Just bad planning and poor communication on Scopely’s part then which is hardly surprising.

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probably 3 pm pacific tbh but we will see

Trust in VK

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Not surprising in the least.

I honestly forgot about it

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Me to lmao

awesome, thanks vk
can.they release a calendar

can u take this to the team
they are wrong

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Why are there two different rank rewards , one showing cakes and one showing bullets?

Guess its cancelled with no explanation. Oh well wouldn’t even be a surprise at this point. Scopely seems intent on killing this game

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So thats the problem they cant come up and says that event delayd or it gonna start at bla bla time

I was just about to ask the same…
Why can’t this information be confirmed before they post, misinformation is becoming the norm

Amen. In VK we trust

One was a repeat picture of the last solo level up rewards

They can’t plan that much in advance (hey, it’s easy to forget that league stretches start on Monday, it’s only been like that for a little over a year). And the people who actually make the decisions, and adapt them if they catch their mistakes in time for once, can’t be bothered to actually inform the players.

dont learn from ur mistakes and plan on the fly

sound familiar

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