SR tourney bug that wasn’t caused by us and this is the reply i got for compensation


This is the response i got when i asked for compensation for lost time and progress from SR tourney bug. I rarely complain about bugs in forums, but this time around i could not stop myself, i am pretty much satisfied with hiw the game is at this point but things like bugs that prevent you from progressing in an important tournament to get gears to upgrade your toon irritates me. First and foremost i was ready to progress in SR tourney the moment it popped up, lost a bunch of energy after multiple crash on bronze stage 1, i usually finish SR with a day left in the timer. Even if i burned cans, the bug wont let me progress no matter what i do. I lost time, time equates to energy and energy equates to progress. I but just right to be compensated for this and the response i get from support is this. My question is this, what made support decide not to compensate affected players when we didn’t cause the problem? How hard is it to compensate players affected?

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