SR tournament broken - ungodly toons at silver and bronze

SR tournament broken - ungodly toons at silver and bronze level. Anyone else having this issue?

It’s nightmare Sr higher difficulty.





After two years in hiatus things have changed. Even so still prepared. Also, I appreciate the sarcastic meme, you’re cool bro. Continue on, I’ll play the banjo :slight_smile: 1

You’ve been playing for two years and didn’t realize there has already been a nightmare SR within the past few months? Lol OK


Not ungodly … Its nightmare … Gotta actually play instead of auto and hand pick toons … Gee what a bummer. Its prob one of my favorite events bc it actually involves playing and eliminates people just autoing and unleashing cans

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And English isn’t my first language so common mistake.

Certain words are earmarked for auto f.lagging by the system. f.lag happens to be one of them.

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All of this bcuz my meme caused a umadbro…lol my bad

All this talk about SR and im still wanting to know where my coins are

One of your other regions

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Already been to them and looked, not there. Went to anyone i’ve ever played in and just went to talk to old faction mates to check and nothing

This post makes me uncomfortable. lmao

Cause nightmare SR sucks massive Donkey dick.
Next Nightmare level up each benny only worth 1 point.


Don’t give them ideas lol

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I agree. I actually enjoy the challenge. I don’t like the time sink it is though because of having to change teams constantly and being forced to play less then ever 2 hours to keep up. If they gave us more energy so we could put the game down for more than 1.5 hours I would like it more

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Yea i agree … Old school 12 energy is needed … Sunk 7 damn energy beating stage 3 of gold lol… Was ridiculous - my decap sandy wasnt putting a dent in them at all lol

This is the best tournament. Can stop playing it in a couple of hours :joy::joy::joy:

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Toons will all be dead soon. Yay lol