SR tournament beta issue compensation?


FInally nice to see the beta testers get messed with. :joy: you guys are the guinea pigs, what do you expect?


They used to give compensation for every little thing. Then people started expecting it, and bugging about it, etc. now they stopped all together


Seriously, every time there is new content, my main region gets screwed over…and it’s really disappointing when it affects my whole faction…but they put words in a response that mean absolutely nothing.


Still ignoring this huh @kalishane


Im currently at rank 12th in the tourny, technically 8 nrg short (~9K points) to get 9-10th place with free nrg (didn’t sleep too much and finish all level with max points)

I was here from the start, so I should be there already if I can use my early energy, but now I have to spend refills for the same results… I think its clearly unfair.

The bug was pretty much affected the outcome for me… 8 nrg … top 10 or top 100.
Sure I will use refill to get there, but I feel screwed up. Probably not everyone has spare refills left

I can’t see why is so big deal to give a f refill to the affected players. Its not more or not less than everyone should have. 1 refil not a big deal from either side, but it counts. It wouldn’t be extremly generous, it would be fair…
Very bad attitude again from scopley. Definitely not players first. Why they never want to do the right thing, especially when something is so easy and harmless for every other player…?!


They won’t even comment on this… What a joke of a company and horrible community manager.


This is how it looks…
Beta ONLY = affected with bug/glitch = no compensation
Beta and regular = affected with bug/glitch = roll out compensation


And they keep ignoring us, not even a single response from their side. They are busy starting threads about music :frowning:


She is not ignoring, she just doesn’t know what to reply.


Beats me why you guys test for them tbh, at best you get a slight knowledge advantage when new features do go live & that advantage is minimal, but you provide a service for Scopely & they treat you like crap when shit like this happens.

I’d leave beta, if I were you


So. By the end I was using all my refills. Became 11th with 6K difference from 10th. :slight_smile: … that 2 hr…would be an additional 9600 points. ( = rank 10th )Thanks a lot Scopely!! :slight_smile: was fun… I have an idea for you what to do wtih those refills…but im a lady.


Right… Thx Scoopely… Great company, outstanding business culture an inspiration on how you treat your tester and customers.

A true example of what truly is behind this corporation


As always I’m never surprised.


But leaving beta can lock you out from the game until everyone is on the same build. If you leave and everyone is not in the same build you get an error and cannot play. I for one am scared to leave beta because of this.


Yep, that’s scopes way of keeping you. Enjoy beta :joy:
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