SR tournament beta issue compensation?


OK, I understand that issues can occure and players could be affected. I understand that Scopely did a relatively very fast fix and we really appreciate it.

We asked support for at least one refill as compensation, just to make it fair for all players who could not play in the beginning of the tournament and guess what they can’t and the don’t want to give anything as compensation.

Really Scopely is this the right thing to do to your beta community? I had some hope that things will change with all this new community forum and strategy, but it is hopeless.

Thank you for showing us how much you appreciate our work as beta testers. Thank you

SR tourney bug that wasn’t caused by us and this is the reply i got for compensation

I keep telling new people that want beta to stay away from it. I have had nothing but trouble with it.


i do the same, unless you want trouble beta is not worth the effort. I was in beta for over a year and did not regret leaving even for a moment.


I wish we could make some kind of scopely vocabulary…like
Compensation - ignoring issues


This is a great example of something that needs to change with the players first attitude. A bug on the game side prevented people from whatever the issue is, I haven’t been paying attention as I live under a rock sometimes. This should result in an item or items that would negate the effects of the bug or glitch.

For example if the bug was something that caused the SR tourney to start much later for some than for others, a can per 2 hour delay would be a fair compensation. Or an “auto completion” for every 15 minutes (1 stage per 15 minutes) of the delay (assuming this would be much more difficult to pull off than giving cans, I’m a chef what do I know lol).

Things like this literally costs you nothing yet it helps to maintain a positive attitude from your players. It’s fair to everyone involved, not unfair to those unaffected. This should be common sense.


The new South Park Phone Destroyer game had a server outage while I was asleep last night. When I woke up, I had a message from Ubisoft apologizing for the outage, along with some in-game currency as compensation. Didn’t even have to ask for it.

With Scopely most of the time, there has to be a big uproar before they even consider compensating it seems. It’s rare they do it on their own initiation. Scopely doesn’t take accountability when something goes awry.


Yup because Ubisoft cares how the people think of the company.


It is hard to compre Ubisoft with Scoopely. But anyway I learned my lesson with beeing the good guy. This is enough for me Scopely, you can keep your beta and take advantage of others good people who spend their time to test your releases. See how much they can take until they’ll get on no return point.


This is awful that they wont give out compensation for this, when we had the issue a few months ago where everybody over level 100 got less SR energy than everybody else for the start of the tournament I got plenty of SR cans as compensation, I don’t see why this should be any different.


Downloaded it few minutes ago and it’s awesom-o, thanks!


Even if I had the right device I won’t think about joining beta. I don’t know how testers put up with it. The true unsung heroes of Road to Survival.



This guy gets it! Beta is specifically for finding issues. If you are encountering issues, you are doing your job as a beta tester. If you expect compensation for finding issues in a program that is about finding issues, you may want to reconsider participating. FWIW


I don’t think you fully understand what happened @Wilco2

They aren’t expecting compensation for finding an issue on something in beta that hasn’t rolled out live yet. The issue was that because they were beta testers, it affected their participation in the event on the live server through no fault of their own. This was not an issue they uncovered in beta testing.


I guess I don’t “get it” because that isn’t what I was saying at all. lol


Yup we find issues in the beta version of the game and get nothing for it, added to that these issues contunually bleeds over to real servers, beta should be a separate isolated server and the update not go live onto real regions until it has been tested.
Just think of it this way CRW wasnt beta tested and look how that turned out, they tried territories tornaments in beta and look how that was received, it would have been a disaster if it was just released. People arent complaing about issues in the beta regions they are complaing about issues on live regions that negatively affect there game.
Some beta users had to go 3 weeks without using the armoury as your optional parts were just used and you failed the craft, and issues like this we are continually told we appreciate its not your fault and sorry its happened but the team now knows and are looking into it ,sorry we took items worth £25 and we know your pissed but it wont happen again, so just buy more parts t refund the ones we took


Its not even as if were asking for the moon, we often simply want the items we have lost due to these bugs or a way to re balance the impact a bug has had , i.e. we lost 2 hrs of this tournament one can would solve it,its not alot to ask and not hard for them to implement, but it genuinely seems scopley has a general disdain for those who are helping them test there product for free, instead of proper paid QA testing


You’re right, my reading comprehension (coffee) has not yet kicked in. Disregard! LMAO


Completely disgusting that we won’t get compensated for their usual screw ups. This company is far and away the worst I’ve come across.


This is the response i got when i asked for compensation for lost time and progress from SR tourney bug. I rarely complain about bugs in forums, but this time around i could not stop myself, i am pretty much satisfied with hiw the game is at this point but things like bugs that prevent you from progressing in an important tournament to get gears to upgrade your toon irritates me. First and foremost i was ready to progress in SR tourney the moment it popped up, lost a bunch of energy after multiple crash on bronze stage 1, i usually finish SR with a day left in the timer. Even if i burned cans, the bug wont let me progress no matter what i do. I lost time, time equates to energy and energy equates to progress. I but just right to be compensated for this and the response i get from support is this. My question is this, what made support decide not to compensate affected players when we didn’t cause the problem? How hard is it to compensate players affected?


When was the last time they give compensation?