Sr time shortened why?


So now we lose almost a whole day on the survival road tournament? For what so u can try to get people to buy cans and rush in another shortened even? The fuking greed is getting really old


eh not that worried i was only concerned with getting the gold mod anyways


I find it repulsive to force people to have to pay to complete any event. Purchasing cans should be an option for people who want to save time. The rewards are usually garbage so let people who want to grind it out on natural time get them.

Side note is anyone else getting tired of doing this crap twice a week? Can we please come up with one or two more types of events? Please.


The sh1t is getting annoying and ridiculous. I’m tired of it personally.

If scopely treated their customers better people would actually spend more on this game. They insist on cutting corners and screwing us over.
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24 hour tourneys

Nobody is forcing you to do anything. Do as much as you can. It’s annoying but there are bigger problems in this game. Too many name. But they want to sell cans. The best way to do is to make the event short. They are a business after all.

A simple solution for all would be to sell them in the depot. For a fair amount of markers. Like Aden amount.


remember when we were promised survival road roadmaps every other week that would drop cans…?? ha. i think we got maybe one of them, and then they just vanished.


BeCause the good people at scopely aren’t making enough money and need another beach house


Nobody that works at SCOPELY is ’ good people ’ lol


This is proof this game is p2p not p2w… Cant even play it completely unless u buy cans


Bahahaha, what gave you that idea?


I’ve been thinking the same thing. They used events at the time to slowly but surely STOP giving people a way to FARM SR CANS. This event has ALWAYS been made for P2P/P2W. Not even selling them in their depot. Can’t remember the last time I got a can (been sitting on 2/3 cans for months now lol)
When developers have to be bothered over&over just to work on their own game then I’m sorry but they don’t give 2 shits about this. People need to wake the fuck up


It is very stupid a day long but level up is a dumb Marathon of 2+ days


Level is 2 to 3 times a week stop with the marathons


Why not have another level up :wink: They are fun!


Time reduction is for folks to buy cans of course!!! SR used to be fun, but now like most aspects of the game has become work. You have to auto through a board every 15 minutes for a few trinkets. With the addition of the 6 * the fun and challenge is gone. Would be cool to go to 3 levels versus 5 with a little more strategy or difficulty. Does anyone remember when there was strategy to this game?


Nope. Drawing a huge blank on that one but I do get a feeling like it did exist at one point in time.


More likely do do with transfers ya don’t gotta be a brain surgeon fs


I’m guessing mid to late 2019 it should be fixed the territory glitch got even worse


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