SR. Thanks again, Scopely!

Thanks again, Scopely!!!

@GR.Scopely, @JB.Scopely, Remove them from the daily road of life!!
How to deal with it?: enemies-3 provocateurs with immunity to crit, 2-with immunity to crit and camouflage…
This is your failure, “Scopely”, remove such characters from the “road of life”!..


Crit resist on this and taunt walkers should be removed. What kind of ‘survival’ road requires me to sacrifice vast swathes of my roster every attack? Where did this definition of ‘survival’ come from? Hirohito’s 29th Bomber squadron?


nahhh they are ok it was fun and a challenge to finish this new road :vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute:

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Further evidence that Scopely don’t even play their own game :clown_face:

They were almost doing well, too.


If the game didn’t have a million and one flaws people wouldn’t have any reason to complain. Bore off, ya obvious shill.


K, so you’re not a shill. You’re still being “that guy” which is just as bad.

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Troll alert


Also, can Scopely give us towers against zombies (just like in Hor- wait, you already massacred that mode… Ah, nevermind, adding towers would massacre it even more, but we still deserve better than this super-walker crap).


Its drunk goku with gokus brothers name radditz instead, still waiting for you to cost scopely lots of money


How do you know dude ?

O jogo ta ficando uma porcaria! Jogadores n tem criatividade e so jogam com 4 revives e 1 escudo. Limita os revives p time. E nossos times p mais que seja bem montado n tem como competir assim. Agora vcs liberaram o Lee escudo, mas com tralhas de difícil acesso. Nem a quantidade certa tem pra comprar. E agora p ferrar de vez colocam inimigos na via mortal que sem comentários, né! Ninguém pode ser um iniciante nesse jogo pq nao tem como competir no mesmo nivel. E o que acontece que quanto mais melhoramos os times e os recursos deles mais parece que vão virando papel? Por isso que esse jogo so joga hackers. Mas daqui a pouco nem os hackers nem os pagantes vão ter com quem jogar

My guess is just Brute attack

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Defense down + damage AR. Seems to work fine for me.

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In a whole I agree, but You forget, that together with these “have Mandated” walkers goes still crowd, and if on the field goes 3 “provocateur”, then you at all not manage its team…

If you really wanna have fun, try 4 intimidating walkers at once (I’m on level 337). You literally can’t do anything but basic attacks due to your entire team being taunted the entire time and they are tanks with 4000 def and 5000 hp so you do about 150 damage per hit even with your heaviest hitters. I wasted at least 40 toons on one stage.

Sure I can use taunt resist mods but I don’t want to have to switch out mods constantly. It’s tedious and costly.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely In general I kind of like the addition of these special walkers but they need to be toned down. A lot


Yup it’s so typical of them not to test play their content. It’s crazy now at lvl 391, as if it isn’t already enough not to have any OP toons or sclass so far, they make it this hardcore. Been trying to finish the first wave of three with the zombie scenario you’ve described. Not possible for me.

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@GR.Scopely, @JB.Scopely, Scopely, stop bullying the players…

I used this, worked quite well but was better with diego lead.


Keep on surviving! INTENSIFIES :man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah, people like to complain. It’ll take a while to figure it out but probably won’t be too bad. My only wish is they’d let us save sr teams. It takes ages swapping teams.