SR Supply Depot Suggestion

The items offered in the Survival Road depot are so outdated. Everyone has the 5* toons and no one wants 4* toons. I’m not saying to offer 6* but maybe something other than the same 5 or 6 four and five stars. Maybe Epic and Legendary gear (which is impossible to get). I love SR but am really over the the depot.


There should be a 5* ascendable exclusive to SR depot. Just like the other SR toons you will have to buy the special gear from the depot to upgrade him.

And why do you think that nodody wants 4*? I still want to buy 4* Dale and 4* Limited Edition Negan when he approches.

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@Unknownnn and @Dr.Mekar he meant the sr depot.

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Oh Right. But Maggie is still Awesome.


Tbh sr depot sells adens
Adens are useful
The sr depot does need changing
Just make current available 5* there ascendble
And make them use multitoool knife to lvl up as a 6*
Trust me how cool does 6* St zeke sound he could be awesome


I have SR Maggie and you are right, she is awesome. She performs like a 5*

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I feel that SR Maggie is the best 4* in the game honestly

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I agree they need more. At least one of each color trait for both five stars and four stars. Those 5 star toons should also be ascendable.

I can understand what you’re saying, but maybe they could instead give characters currently unavailable through regular means as the rewards, (Ex. 4* Matt “limited edition”, 4* Pocky "limited edition, 5* Davie, 5* Caroline, 5* “Roadie”)

yeah i mean they don’t even have a 5* red person

Matt, Davie and Pocky are in the Supply Depot.
Caroline curses in Ascendance.

Better would be:
4* Yellow Jeremy (Confuse)
4* Red Dominic (Revive)
4* Blue Carmen (Burn DMG)
5* Green Dale (Freaking Looks Awesome)
5* Green Tyreese (Same as Dale)