Sr start times wtf

Since I litterlay can’t add anything to this forum because it tells me it’s too similar I had to scribble bs on this title sorry for that . Where the f is survival road event @JB.Scopely . This new guy has completely screwed the calender up would be pretty cool if somebody would fix that also

Look at the calender

Are you looking at the February calendar? There’s a SR event next week Wednesday too, which is week 1.

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Yeah your looking at the start times for week 1 of February, I agree tho we need the start times for the rest of this week

That awkward moment when you don’t know what month is it and start to rage…


Best comment of the day

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I know. School boy error to delet january’s times while we are still in… errrr… January.

It doesn’t make me believe they know how to play the game properly if they don’t know how much we all need a calendar. Just in case mr ocd has had some kind of revelation and changed the start times from last week…


Eh when they will change start time it’s starting we eu and all Asia sleeping and end it too so fking trash and not fair

It’s an American company


You win at losing…

You must not of played when we had absolutely no calendar or schedule. Was just surprise! Tbh taken some fun out of the game having some spontaneous things happen.

it didnt start yet lol

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