SR rewards that poor i keep forgetting to use my free energy

Anyone else having this problem ?

Normally i make sure no energy goes to waste, this one im just like meh whatever


Sr rewards are usually bad, but this is a new low. No use in hitting milestones either since there’s nothing but trash tokens. What a joke of an event.


Yeah, it’s bad. I just finished the first milestone since it was convenient for me at night and that’s probably all I’m going to do.

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My boss came and asked me why I haven’t been taking a sh*t every two hours today. I’m so productive when I couldn’t give a toss about SR.


If there were gear i could use that I don’t have 50+ of each i might care. So many watches and radios…ive sold about 10 each and still have more watches/radios than toons to use them on.


Exactly! lol

I didn’t even look at the rewards

I still do it faithfully just for the freebies

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With SR, the milestones are even autocollected, so there’s no way to say “no thanks” but to not do them in the first place…

SR = breaks from the game for me.

i forget too

I see these threads popping up a lot lately - the complaints about how dire rewards will lead to a major reduction in engagement, yet I’m not seeing it in-game. With a full day left in the SR tournament last night there were already 20+ players who canned their way through Legendary, with the #1 at over 500k.
The level up just gone; top 50 cut off was 2.1m, looking like it’s going to be the same if not higher for this one. And most likely will continue throughout this Whisperer event. It’s not solely region-related either, taking the raid tourney just gone - I’m in a middling Plat league, and not using cans but just sticking to natural energy put me squarely in the demotion bracket.

There are players literally spending more coins than what they’ll get in the leagues rewards, we’re pretty much in “selling the car for gas money” territory here. If truly seeking better rewards, these players are doing themselves no favours.
There is zero incentive on Scopely’s part to change them for the better because they continue to put up scores as though the rewards were actually decent.

Yeah I havent bothered. The game is old, broken and stale. Everything is geared as a money grab and find myself logging in less often.

Same here. Diamond leagues 3 and above are just throwing cans and money at Scopes like Mayweather. Forums have never been representative of what happens in-game hence why Scopes doesn’t give a flying feck about what gets posted here.

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Sr is so ■■■■■■■ boring with these rewards,I’d rather watch paint dry

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I’ll take a different tack. Thanks Scopely.

I’ve enjoyed the peace of not having to worry about SR. It’s a BS event and once enough people have lvl150, few will even bother.

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This is why I say that these forums are a bubble, and as a result of the bubble we feed off each other’s negativity. We say things like “SC is a waste of money, no one will do it”, “game is sunsetting”, or “#stopgivingourcurrency (you know what this means)”, but once you leave this bubble and go to the game world, we see that things are different.


No… 5 star trainers are good and xp farm is great… oh and tape and kit is worth it…

Ha ha, I won’t have to worry about seeing any of these SC Andreas

Gets absolutely attack locked by them next war

More like choosing not to use them as opposed to forgetting to use my energy.

Seriously with garbage like this up for grabs what’s the point. Waiting on a contest so I can try and summon the strength to sit through yet another boring SR meanwhile loving sitting this one out and not being chained to the game every two hours.