SR problem! again

Hello, I don’t have strong teams, when I get there I always die, always !!! I have no way to beat them, I am discouraged from this game, not everyone has strong teams. Remove traits restrictions, then it will be easier for everyone !!!


As frustrating as it is now, if you keep playing your teams will get better. What I have been doing on SR is going in everyday and completing only 4 levels to get my daily mission done and collect the 10,000 markers, after 2 weeks of doing this you drop down 2 levels, then you can complete the roads in 2 days to get back to where you were and have another crack at it.
In the mean time your teams are leveling up, you are collecting better mods, your doing weapon upgrades, and you are getting new toons by cashing in tokens.
Good Luck :slight_smile:

I just burnt through 4 teams jist to kill 20 walkers on a 1 wave stage1 then i get to stage and got 2 William shields. Absolutely ridiculous.

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