Sr non member points


How do u obtain these points. And for the case of my faction, how do we have -22 points?


We’re sitting at -5 last time I checked.
I’m guessing it’s just some random glitch.


One of my teammates had the idea it could be the number of toons lost during event


I did some research during the tourney. Its not toons that died, didnt add -1…
So then i tried failing a stage on purpose… no -1
Then i used a can… BINGO
Its a can counter. So u can check witch faction is active and which buys cans :slight_smile: enjoy


Please. U want to tell us they used 4487 refills??


We scored -23… first time I saw negative points


Of course if that were true for negative scores (which I’m not convinced of) how do you explain positive?


Hmmm, I call bullshit. Did you do the maths to work out the difference between the 30 individual scores and the advertised total?


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