SR ? No raid tourney?


Like the title says. Wasn’t it meant to be a raid tourney?


Subject to change


Free gold mod for completing Gold.


It will just be a crit set att down resist mod. Pass.


I do t mind the Sr tourney really. I’ll go for mod scraps. Will probs just free energy it :man_shrugging:t2:


Well, I wish they’d change the bags in the shop then :sigh:.


Same by pass I mean its not worth trying to check in every 2 hours to try and finish it for free or even worse use cans. Probably shoot for gold for the mod too but I already know it wont be worth the effort.

We were supposed to get a raid. Had no plans to do anything for that based on the rewards I saw earlier.


And a 1d 15hr SR to boot!
Scopes be trollin


Prefer this over Raid tourney.


Subject to change and/or Live Ops cock up


Yeah I prefer an Sr too. But no Lillith for completion is kinda wack.


Sadly mine was another Maim resist. I could have sat this one out completely and been happier for it.


Sounds about right. I would love to see the actual odds for each mod. There is no way they are even across the board. Bet its like 70% crit set and then like .03% for a stun or impair resist.


One would assume if they lied about actual odds and were caught it would not go well for them so when a box says 33% gold and 66% silver I believe that.

What we will never get to see are the actual odds for each individual mod once it’s decided if we are getting a gold or a silver. It’s a safe bet that the good ones are weighted the lowest.


It’s there latest attempt of starvation on us. First, it was 5-star gear, then medals, now it’s Lilith and Ulysses.

I have noticed a bunch of Lilith and Ulysses “deals” in the store ever since they made them disappear as rewards. They will keep trying until they find the secret sauce that makes people spend for things that should be provided for free. It’s not like trainers and gear are optional in making a toon useable.


I don’t believe any odds shown in this game whatsoever.


Yeah it’s working for sure for some. Not on me. I am actively now trying to tank solo events. I don’t care if I go from platinum to diamond or whatever. Especially since the cut the rewards from the 1st one by 66% going into round 2. I’m still doing my part for the faction but not sure for how much longer I can stomach doing that. Might be time to step down.

War was the one event that kept me going and now that sucks so there’s really not a whole lot left outside of the human element these days.


Them wheels are always F2P heavy smh.


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