Sr ms rewards new/old?

Why are we getting hearts as ms? is another event coming out/back


Nope. Will (not) be dealt with accordingly, sit tight.

both up coming sr and lvl up…

Screw up or new collection?

know very well how it works kid fact this game stuffs all the time… and they vk is always %100 on… if scopely fixes it.


Don’t be so sure, not that long ago they released the wrong color tokens…

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Or you will. Both are distinct possibilities.

must of spend all schools money on that wall to think 10am is 1h from 4am… and to think scopely never fucks up if its not making them money they would never fix it like you know like pass 3 years… yes level up is an hour this about sr eh

So please explain for the benefit of the masses why VK are showing Lug Nuts and Heart Necklaces as it appears you have a superior understanding that us plebians just cannot comprehend

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more fact we have 18 days left how many Sr events are left in that that we need 500 knives…

dont need do anything have more then just me posting about it after 18 days… lots going miss out if 500 knives is limited to sr.

oh you know when i start to do threats lmao. This is not a threat lmao

Remind me, when do the placeholders get replaced?

Because I’m pretty sure that it’s before the event

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you have no idea

basement lmao aint from usa good try we aint stuck in 70s with basements

lol get a life you two

Yikes, somebody didn’t bother checking their copy and paste of the rewards lol.

Yeah they updated it about 5-10 mins after it went live

Should never needed fixing. To start with.

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