Sr,lvl up,Sr,lvl up event?

if this will continue without war…the game will die…Damn im bored in this game…
if my rooster is not sync in my facebook im gonna give this like candy…hahaha

Spend to buy a new toon, lmao jk :joy::joy::joy:

But the game is very boring, and honestly so is war. Same teams over and over again just different weapons. Just raid people if you miss war :grin:

If they make war prizes (ascendable) good again, the spenders will just coin even more to win. So, for the teams ranked 2nd and below… It won’t get better. So… Rinse and repeat :muscle:t4::smirk:


My rooster is better.



im not getting bored in war i was just annoyed in coining in repair…they said there team are sick…yeah premiere toons but i can attack it…i just cant coin because im f2p…but well i wont argue with that anymore…coin=win…hahaha

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There’ll be a CRW this weekend i believe?

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No we known wars coming for a week if you haven’t been watching videos and collecting coins shame

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heavy spender you are not or am with the amount of t4 toons you have

maybe you should spend to get those need canteens/gps that you need cause you know the non spenders are nowhere close to what im seeing here.

Good for you mate!!!

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im f2p…

I fluctuate but I assure you I’m a video watcher they add up

They keep making Benedict as a reward, they won’t see me complain on this front.