Sr level decrease


Ive had this message for awhile now but it never decreases. is this a bug?


good, 7 days was too long.


It’s still 7 days. The “of participation” is the big point here. It only drops a day when you attempt it, but don’t complete it. The first user has started but not finished level 296 6 times. Next time they do, they’ll drop to 295.

I’ve been sitting on 7 days to complete level 264 ever since the last time a PK or DT was in it (a couple weeks now, I think). That’s the only time I play regular SR now.


Ok cool, i have the roster to get to lvl 400 but theres really no point in reaching that unless they start giving out crates of goodies upon completion. I was tring to get mine down so i could breeze threw again cuz some lvls are a chore and it takes more time then what its worth


If you want to drop your level, every day do stage 1 and then stop. After 7 days of it, you’ll drop a level. I could go way higher, but I’ve started only doing it with PK or DT is the reward.


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