SR Info for today


Thank You


24 hours…got you suckas…SPEND FOR REFILLS…SPEND SPEND SPEND!!!


Yeah there’s not enough time for free refills
I was just bummed in the reduction of wood chips from the last solo event

6 cans to complete if my maths holds:

24 hours = 104 Energy for free (24 x 4 + 8 Starting Energy)

But you lose some sleeping = 24 (8 hours x 4 energy - 8 ready when you wake up)

So you actually only have 80 energy for free - enough to complete gold.

125 energy to complete, leaving a 45 energy shortfall

Six cans net you 48 energy - so three opportunities to cock up

Personally, whilst I prefer the ones which are at least a day and a half - which are usually just a can or all possible on free energy - its not the end of the world to have the odd one that needs cans to complete. Don’t want to spend cans? Don’t.

Sucks that we no longer even get the token single refill for completing bronze now either. Seems the bronze radio is here to stay, rejoice! If it weren’t for the FA tokens I’d have no problem sitting this one out. A day’s investment for a Basil…? Come on.


Milestones for this event are piss poor. Its blatant that they are trying to milk everyone out of 8 bucks for the cans needed to complete it. Top 100 is only getting 1100 nuggets.

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