Sr humans as promos

Well if they can hit that hard and defend many rushes without upgraded weapons or mods we obviously need them

I’m ready to trade my toons against those of Sr

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I always believed they manipulated the system, as of said they can make overall toons either hard or easy to beat, stats weapons or mods means nothing so they can control the masses on war, raids or other events, I’m so in need of someone investigating this company I can’t stand being cheated this way

Of course they did. Even before the New SR we fought Tier 5*, 4* and even 3* and they wouldn’t fall like normal characters of that Rarity do.

Have you not played any other game with different difficulty levels? AI performing at different difficulties has always been the norm and nothing unusual.

You’ve literally fought the same characters in world map stage 1 and world map stage 26, but with different stats.

It’s only bad if they clearly tell you what the stats are, but the enemies end up not performing like what their stats are.

So if you can find proof that they’re intentionally making your characters perform weaker than how they should have been, then you’d have a case.

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