SR event start is very uncomfy


For some regions it will start very late at night, almost morning. How about time diversification scopies? ^^,


It’s too bad that it can’t be a different start/end for different regions.
They try to make it fair. Which makes it inconvenient for me in the central time zone because everything ends either late at night or in the middle of the night-preventing me from making that final push.
So, basically it is fair in that it is unfair to almost everyone (except may those in pacific time)


Same here, few guys be pushing points late night and be late to work next day and I’m just like this doge whenever it’s war or Javier for SR completion reward


Guess it’s fair in conditions who may sacrifice more for gaining those points


Would be nice if it was changed like +4h every time so we all would set to start at most preferable time, but hey. Good it lasts longer than 1d tho :wink:


What time does this start?


10pm UK time.

There are usually 36 hour events too, so plays through the night twice here but only once in the US.


Yeah seeing as how the game has players all over the world the only fair way to do it is to have events run for multitudes of 24hrs, so everyone gets the same amount of daytime/sleeptime play to balance it out.

But even then it can be tricky as sometimes you need to be able to push at the end of a tournament, so start/end times should still differ between events.


Fairness depends on the duration of the event. Any denomination of 24 hrs is fine, 24, 48, 72 etc. Means all parts of the world have same amount of nights/daytime hours. Problem is when we have 36 hr durations.


Début 23h00 en France. Toujours mieux que 3h00 du matin mais on est défavorisé par rapport à d’autre fuseau horaire.