Sr difficulty... can we get some nightmare?

can we get some nightmare sr? at least for the faction sr? there really is no challenge cept who can use more cans… snooze fest. nitemare 20 battles per level would be nice


I want solo nightmare


When they fix it so you can design and recall sr teams… I’ll be all for it


Yes please Faction nightmare SR
Gave really good rewards the one time we’ve had the event. Like forever ago.

Oh no, no for Faction, what’s the use? No competition for nightmare since most players will get stuck in early stages, nightmare turns into a boredom event

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I hate SR so much, no cans total bore fest

On board with this as long as it’s 20 not 50 a stage.


No, please no. First go back to the drawing board and design some real difficulty stage, not a cheap atk/HP/def buff crap…

Give me a nightmare mode where I fight real teams that can be built with the proper mods and weapons. Toons (even some obscure ones) with maxed rush (and active) that work well together - where gold would be 5* (with 6* bosses), elite 6* (with Sclass bosses) and legendary Stages would be up against full S-class S16-S18 teams…

I do not want to fight 30k HP / 30k Def /20k atk versions of Gerald - that is the ultimate bore fest, watching a 20 min duel where you need 30+ turns of attacks below 100 damage and the only faster option is heavy bleed and maim that will get trait restricted…


Utterly agree, but if they aren’t going to do that, a 20 stage Nightmare SR will at least change it up a bit.

I would like to see more nightmare at I know it’s long but I enjoy the challenge if completing it then going back a 3* every stage

i concur… but what you are suggesting takes actual work on their part…

Suit yourself, but I am up for change if it’s for the better only… I prefer a “lazy” SR that I can complete on autoplay within the 2 days event time to a “challenging” SR that I can complete only if I have the game running all of the 2 days long, but the entertainment value remains zero…

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I would also prefer more in depth changes compared to just a 20 stage Nightmare where toons just have their stats upped. But if that’s not going to happen, id prefer to do 100 stages where I might actually have to think for the last 20-40 compared to 125 where I just hit auto and reanimate downed toons from reflects and paybacks with packs (I don’t even bother checking anymore SR is just that boring). At least with Nightmare a reflect won’t be dropping toons too.
Overall it won’t be a great improvement at all… but at least it’ll be something different. I can’t imagine they’ll ever go to the effort of thinking about hundreds of different 6 star teams tbh.

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SR is terrible and made even more so on “nightmare” mode which only means let’s increase the stats on 5-star toons to 800k. Boring.

How about a real nightmare mode where you can’t use health kits or coin toons back in once dead. Try that for a real challenge.

So that’s going to be a hard pass from me (as if our votes matter to scipley anyway). Especially if its a faction event. Run a solo nightmare every day for all I care provided it has no bearing on leagues.

Ideal world for Nightmare:
-20 stages
-No health packs
-Actual well thought out teams
-No wave 3 Payback ‘gotcha’ after 2 waves with no paybacks
-No relying on flamer and exploding walkers immediately behind a wall when only allowing melee toons to make it ‘well thought out’.

It’ll still be boring af, just not as boring.


Nooooooooooooo :rofl: :rofl:

Does anybody still remember the outcry when they’ve had updated daily SR and people barely could finish a couple stages before they had to update the daily SR again?

Well, I don’t remember the outcry, as I was not frequenting the forums at that time, but I do remember the extension from 400 as quite tough, but mostly because of the reflecting, taunting, stunning, decapitating and health reducing walkers (the whole lot from walker hordes), while the 6* toons that got added did not really up the ante all that much (especially as they had lvl1 rushes and actives) except maybe the William, yellow Mercer and Doc teams (where the battles got longer, while not really all that much challenging).

If the walkers have been nerfed down afterwards, I haven’t noticed, as I made sure to go with crit weapons, didn’t play auto (rushed or actived only when really necessary) and had good mods to kill and survive… I’ve stuck on daily 500 for so long I have stopped bothering (unless I want to max out on FA tickets) so I would really welcome a new revamp here…

Don’t care how hard they make Sr as long as it’s short and I mean short, damn bore fest

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