SR difficulty and return of Onslaught?

I just wanted to suggest more variation in SR. Too often we get easy difficulty and it’s very tedious. I know you said going forward there would be an interchange between the difficulties but that hasnt been shown much so far.

It would be nice to rotate between easy, hard and nightmare.

Plus in history of this game weve only had 2 nightmare SR events, So I’d like see more of those but I expect it to be unpopular opinion but I prefer more of a challenge.

Lastly where has onslaught gone? I hope it will return soon.


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We did just have a Hard SR. Nightmare shouldn’t be too often because most aren’t getting most milestones from it


I know that we’ve just had hard but compare it to how many times we do easy, Its pales in comparison.

I’m not saying we need nightmare often but once a month or every other month would be cool.

Easy sr is worst event in the game

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To be fair the difficulty alteration is only a month old yet. I’d put NSR when there isn’t an item/milestone event going on. Can’t agree on the last bit though, I’ve always enjoyed being able to get all milestones with reasonable effort lol

Each to his own, I’m just merely suggesting they do nightmare and not put on the backburner.

Plus bring onslaught back lol

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S toons make ‘Hard’ SR easy. Everyone who is moderately active should have 3 S toons by now. Many probably have a full team.

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Loved Hard mode but that’s me being selfish :pensive:


I enjoyed Hard mode but I saw a lot having trouble still. They should do Nightmare selectively, once a month for 2 days isn’t too bad. But when they only run 2 or 3 SR a month that seems like a lot.

Easy, hard, nighmare - whatever it is, just keep them running as often as possible. I just need those platinum mods :slight_smile:

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I liked it too , hopefully they keep rotation

I’m quite active and don’t have any.

Anyway, Hard mode SR is still pretty easy, only legendary even comes close to daily SR, and I’m not even that far (only level 465). Seems a bit weird to have a tournament advertised as hard that’s easier than what we do every day.

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I’d say at least Christa/James and Kapoor. Not everyone plays the same game.

But you chose not to get them

If you’re moderately active you would have another one for sure. If you barely play you won’t.

True. And to be fair, your estimate is not too far off, I would say - if I wanted to, I could have the free ones of course, and my pick from any between Pete and Aarav - I’m at about 40 to 50 percent for most of them and have a decent number of choice boxes, but my spreadsheet sugest it’s not quite enough for two yet.

But if I look at my faction, I think there’s one person with a non-free one, though many are or should be getting close. Some of them are decently active. Until recently, if you don’t get free ones from faction events, the only way to get extra ones was to place top 3 in tournaments, and not a lot of people can regularly do that, just by the pigeonhole principle.

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