Sr crashing and taking fuel


Mine is still crashing when doing it manually :frowning:


Mines still closing down 2


Yep very same here


Stage 1 and stage 21 crashing on gold route

To bypass do the previous stage without auto attack


Gold 1 manually attack didn’t work for me either and tried again with only 5*…nope


Try going back to the previous stage (Silver 25) and manually play through, then try Gold 1.


Nope, did silver 25 manually, gold 1 manually and still crashed


Elite 8 :confused:


Same here. Crashing on gold 1. Went back and played silver 25 manually, then went and tried gold 1 manually… Still crashes


Curious, can you play through gold 1 with no ARs and no AS? I know I’m just grasping at straws here, thanks for being patient with me. I don’t have beta and don’t have any access to any useful backend data.


Hey Folks - We’ve identified the issue and are working on a fix.


Tried 4*s with default weapons no ar. Recorded 2 fights and it’s crashing during 3rd player attack. Tried doing defense only on 3rd round and then crashed on the 4th


They’re not sucking up to the whales. They are figuring out even more ways to milk even more cash from them and I say good for scipley. Whales let the rest of us keep playing for free.


Next time using the search function will help you find answers to your questions. This will also clear up the forums from duplicates and clutter. @LadyGeek please merge so all info can be kept together




Issue should be resolved now.


srs stop flaging my posts cant take truth can you lol…

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