Sr crashing and taking fuel


Player Name: mobbie
Faction: temp out of one so none
Region: elmore
Device: oppo R11s
OS Version: 7.1
Platform: androld

New beta update is making Sr crash back to the phones splash screen and as well taking fuel stuck at gold one…

Survival Road Tourney Bug Compensation
Survival Road Tournament glitching

I have used 1.5 cans trying to pass elit stage 23 and game is crushing. With beta update also.


Scopely has bigger things to work on at the moment Chris sorry bud


… lmao what bigger things turning this this crap into a card game making more crashing. Ive already missed gold on fact event cant miss more for knifes


Ikr cards, champions War etc obviously they have the time and resources to program these, and not all the issues in the game, which are way more important to the majority of players, but they have to suck up to the paying whales :pensive:


card game = moneeeeey
by not fixing crash, equals spending money to buy cans to finish sr equals moneeeeeyyyyy


just want to beat elite dont care for anything else lol.


Damn it. They always screw something up. My account is having bugs also .


Sorry you’re having problems. Please remember that beta problems need to be reported on the beta Google plus page.

One additional piece of information that will help the developers to troubleshoot is to provide a timestamp (including timezone) of the crash so they can get directly to that part of the logs.

Just for my own curiosity, is the stage that’s crashing an absolute defense zombie stage? Have you tried different attack teams?


yes its the absolute defense one yea tried muit teams.


heh… i could say that im not in beta and have crashes too so deal with it likea big boy cause no one will help you here :wink:


How about no how many Sr events are there left with in 13 days…


i think one but might be two since faction sr


Mines is also crashing on the absolute defence stage. gold route stage 1 , have tried 3 different teams and has crashed each time. @JB.Scopely how am I meant to finish sr and collect scalpels to get Michelle if sr is bugged


Same here stuck in elite


Same issue. Gold stage 1. 3 crashes, 3 energy gone. I am close on my Michelle collection through grinding and minimal purchase. If I miss out or have to pay to cover the shortfall, I will be a very unhappy customer.

@JB.Scopely. @GR.Scopely


Almost at 140 aswell -.-


Potential short term fix

Credit to @Teban from line chat (not sure if same teban)


seems be working wonder if have do it for elite 1 and then next one


Time will tell lol

To be safe I wouldn’t auto any stages from now on