SR can offers. Come on man!

Usually the offers are a buck a can, now they’re $11 for the same eight cans but you’re adding more unnecessary medical kits.

I’ll buy the $8 offers and eat the kits but I’m not spending $11 when I only need the cans. I have over 500 useless kits of every color as it is. There’s no added value in these new SR offers.

How about some $5 cans only offers for those who can clear the road? You’d make more money that way.



Yeah I NEVER buy this offer or the one like it

Here is an idea scopely-

Maybe make the rewards better and people might buy your cans (as long as you put the normal offer back)



SR only good for xp so cans are needed

Only reason i bother with sr is to maintain diamond for coins. I got some of those offers back before i hit level 150 to farm xp and still have a decent amount. Sr is so boring id rather poke a fork in my leg than put in extra effort for more bloody radios and watches. …ffs can we stop with all radio and watches? Give us some the gear we need a ton of like practice dummies, guantlets, camp stoves. …at least back in the day they only made walkies and radios hard to get. We didn’t need to slowy get random pieces…

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That’s the thing, this nonsense is killing my league play.

C’mon Scopely, wake up.

I’ve been a big fan of the 7.99$ can deal for the last what 18 months and now you jack up the price to 10.99$. Come on man, the 8$ deal was a good thing I bought many of those, in fact about every 3 weeks. You guys had it made with that offer and I believed it was a reasonable deal. Bring it back yo!


Exactly. At least throw something of value in it if the price is going up. Five Basils or something.

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