Sr bug . One superman zombie

Pay to survive

Msg support. Gr has already acknoleged the issue and their working on it

No shit happening there, brother. That is not support anymore if they don’t fix the issue which is 2 weeks overdue.

If suggest continuously asking support some aren’t helpful while others are great. If they don’t help is give them 1 star hopefully it affects them

It was in last SR too, in some roamaps too… spent many cans to finish these stages but still no compensations from scopely

Having the same problems… Zombies appear from nowhere… I’m stuck on elite … Can’t go any further.

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Not only does this affect energy waste but also leauges too :frowning:


I thought the zombies were scared of you Swishy?! That’s what Arco said! Lol :grin::grin:

I’ve msg support about this issue about 20x now in the last 2 weeks as well as DMing GR. Useless. I get the same response about having patience. Meanwhile, cans are wasted and my league ranking suffers and they can’t even give me a pair of damn hiking boots to salve my butthurt. I’m clearly a masochist bc I keep playing this dumpster fire.

that mofo just sneaked up on you, thats why he killed all your toons. your toons were too much focused on the other one. its a new walker tactic, working as intended…

Tell him to kiss it :joy::joy::joy:

@GR.Scopely any update on this? Missing baloons and other rewards from previous events

It’s not just survival road tho, same thing happened on roadmap as well when I’m trying to do the balloon roadmap stage. I can’t even play like I normally do which is bs.

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Hello here,

The team is still having a look at this issue and investigating.


After a little updete, zombiez refuzed to die in each wave on legendary road. My crew didn’t respond zombiez(

Happens in road maps for the ballons and tokens too

I also have a short video, it’s really funny, if it wasn’t too sad. How to add vids in topic?

i dont get what you get, sorry