Sr bug . One superman zombie

Any one else having the problem in Sr where one dead zombie stays up and takes out ur team one by one???
This is bull shit. Happened to me 5 times now and cost me atleast 2 cans and my damn top ten spot most likely Screenshot_20190807-185501 Screenshot_20190807-184558



I can’t post my damn videos.

Imao, another bug

No. Stop whining

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are you still trolling furry man

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Why thank you for the advice… smh doucher

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I remember hearing about this bug before… i think

If you have a video can you please send it to me via line (ladygeek.twd) or email (

No issues here. Full auto.

Just spend more!

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Jeez never thought of the ■■■■■■■ thing. Thank U! Maybe u should look at the pics and do some simple math . Zombies left to zombies in the screen.

Your bout a tard bud. Miss the purpose of the fn post. I know why scopley don’t take u dumb asses seriously. THE ZOMBIE IS DEAD YOU DIP SHIT , THE MF POPPED BACK UP AND KEPT HITTING MY TOONS TILL I DIED OR FLED.

Lol have a good day sir

ignore him he just trolling at you


My characters can’t attack walkers because they just don’t see them

These walkers just destroyed my whole team at the end.
P.S.I’m participating in beta-test

Join the club!

Same issue. That walkers is revived and becomes invisible. Lost many energy cos of that.

@havier @Saltwaterwhale @EmeraS Thanks for the report guys - I have escalated the issue - If you could PM me your account code that could be helpful for the investigation.